Lionel - Naissance solaire


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Technics Carborundum etching
Material Hand made paper Moulin de Larroque
Size 27" x 20" Inchees

"Naissance solaire"

Original carborundum etching signed and numbered by the artist.

Run of 75 copies.

Manual intervention with paint hightlights. Each piece is different.

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Born to a French-American family in 1909 the Goetz painter, to overcome the difficulties of engraving, began looking for a technique that does not use water.

He developed in 1967, after 10 years of effort, carborundum etching.



Carborundum (silicon carbide) is a combined emanation of silicon and carbon, which is crystalline in nature and is similar to coal.

It is in the form of more or less fine-grained and has the distinction of strongly harden the materials with which it is mixed.

The recorder deposited on the metal or other support (plexiglass, ...) a paste of plastic resin (or other) and carborundum grains. Once dried, this very hard material has a relief. It is therefore not to incise a plate. The panel is used here only as a support for the added material, which is modeled asperities recessed and raised. This material has the advantage of retaining the ink with a wide variety of shades and structures.

From thereon, the printing process is identical to that of intaglio with the exception:

- The ink can be carried out both on the reliefs in the hollow,

- The shape given to the "matrix" smashes the paper and prints it in the press effect (up to 17 tons of pressure) as well as its negative colors applied by hand,

- The paper in thicker tank (600 gr) and humidified beforehand to soften it, is



The Goetz process used by painters is growing worldwide.

Variations of application and its technical possibilities are almost endless. Each artist reinvents and adapts the Goetz process open to the most diverse expressions.

Miro, Clave, Papart, Coignard, Hélénon, Brisson, including Cottavoz have applied or are still working with it always had innovation process.

Naturally it is possible to combine the carborundum etching with all other printing techniques.

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Biography of LIONEL:

Lionel Perrotte said LIONEL was born October 4, 1949 in Paris.

This internationally renowned artist painting since the age of fourteen. His work is considerable. It has over 3000 paintings and 300 etchings. Art critics rank it among the lyrical abstract.

Today he lives and works in Anjou, in the Hayes area of ​​Brion in Maine-et-Loire.

For 30 years, his work is presented in the largest Fairs of Contemporary Art in Austria, Belgium, China, Korea, Spain, USA, France, Japan, Lebanon, Moldova, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey ...

More than 100 personal exhibitions testify to its success worldwide and 3 retrospectives have been devoted to Angers in 1996, in Zurich in 1999 and in 2008 in Levallois.

"Critics of Art ranks among the lyrical abstract. His distinctive style to the perfection of his technique, reveals a powerful imagination. Lionel like open windows on different time-spaces, making travel gaze from microcosm to macrocosm. The line is clear, bright color, the significant form, the impressive relief as to meet an absolute necessity, the truth of the work. In fact, Lionel is interested in things and beings, the heartbeat of all worlds. It seeks to paint the invisible to give to see the heart, and so connect the Sacred Man. "

It covers many topics like the Tower of Babel, lacerations, silence, fertilization, the Shroud of Turin, material, memory, silhouettes, night, melting, fluid, shrines ... It excels as in conceptual art and portraiture with stunning realism.

In 1986, Lionel set up his studio in Belleville in Paris. He made his first carborundum etchings, in Pasnic workshop in Paris. There he met many artists including Max Papart who encouraged and Kijno sponsoring.

Jacques Boulan discovered. It became his dealer. Lionel realizes for him many prints editions. It is presented in the world, both international fairs, in galleries.

In 1988, Jacques Boulan him to meet Susanne and Hans Peter Gilg who organize in their gallery "Art Selection", his first exhibition in Zurich.

The following year, he chose to leave his Paris studio to Antony where he built a new workshop in the family home.

In spring 1990, Lionel was invited to Japan for a major exhibition of his work over 7 floors in the gallery Otsuka in Tokyo.

The death of his father on July 21, comes on the opening day of an exhibition "Lionel" at the Fine Art Gallery in Le Touquet. Lionel feels deeply heir to the moral rigor of his father, a non-practicing Protestant, humble before the Creation.

In 1992, the crisis of the art market and its tumultuous friendship with Jacques Boulan, lead them to end their collaboration. Lionel signs an exclusive worldwide contract with "Art Selection" in Zurich.

In 1994, "Art Selection" published a book, now out on the work of Lionel and Cimaise devotes an important article.

The following year, Lionel moved with his family in Anjou. He received many artists.

Lionel likes the meetings and exchanges that follow in the memorable feasts after work.

In 1996, the city of Angers organized the first retrospective of Lionel.

On 21 April, 86 of his works are acquired at an auction devoted entirely to the artist and auction organized by Master Eric Buffetaud at the Hotel Drouot in Paris.

That year, he met Concha Benedito he admires the work and action. She invites him to participate in MAC 2000. It will exhibit every year until the departure of its founder.

The following year, the World exclusivity granted to "Art Selection" ends. Lionel meeting Laurier Dubé who commissioned many prints editions, helping to expand its reputation.

In 1998 Lionel is exposed in Pittsburgh, USA, in the James Gallery which it becomes a permanent artist. He personally participated for the first time in Istanbul Art Fair, where he will return in consecutive years.

In 1999, "Art Selection" organizes in Zurich the second retrospective of Lionel.

Lionel Gigou meets Patrick, manager of the "Art Forum", which became his main publisher.

The following year, Lionel familiarize Helmut Schwarzkopf MAC 2000. He continuously since exhibited in the gallery of Heidelberg in Germany and dedicates a solo exhibition in 2001.

The German magazine Profil-Art is interested in Lionel and published an article about him in 2002. That year, Lionel realizes the poster of Legend of 2 centuries show Catherine Salviat (an associate of the French Comedy) and Paul Barge.

Lionel starts a project dear to his heart: the realization of an altarpiece, with identical dimensions to that of Grünewald, with the same themes and the same number of panels.

Publication of a new book on the work of Lionel Editions "Art Forum" in Paris.

A major exhibition dedicated to him in Istanbul in 2003 at the Galerie Alkent Currently, 70 works of Lionel presented to the public.

The following year, in 2004, Lionel is exposed to Congo in Pointe Noire and Brazzaville. Both exhibitions are funded by the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Cultural Affairs associated with Europe. On this occasion, Lionel directs a Master-class in Pointe-Noire for Congolese artists.

That same year he made to adorn the foyer of Lucent Technologies "The Danaides", a series of 100 paintings.

In 2005, he participated in several major exhibitions, including the US and China, where Lionel revisits Shanghai, he had discovered in 1977.

In 2008, a new retrospective is devoted to him Levallois.

In 2010, he completed a large polyptych (1.95 x 3.90 m) of 9 panels on the life of Christ, along with his new pictorial subject dedicated to the merger.

From 2011 to 2013, he produced many commissioned works.

In 2011, he decorated the lobby of Eurofarad, one of the factories of the industrial group Exxelia, for which he designed three monumental works: a triptych "The Road to Excellence" (2.00 x 8.10 m), "Microcosm "(2,00 x 3,00 m) and" macrocosm "(2.00 x 3.00 m).

The same year, he completed his first digital painting, a diptych for the Natixis group.

In the middle of 2013, he paints in quick succession, for two accounting firms, from their logo, two large triptychs including, for the first time, one is vertical (2.43 x 1, 30 m). It also creates for a great lawyer, on the occasion of the inauguration of its new Paris office, also inspiring in its logo, two paintings vis-à-vis.

In 2015, he returned to printmaking. It achieves 2 prints for the States of the Art Association in collaboration with the famous Pasnic workshop.

Meanwhile, he is working on two themes together, the "Fluids" he had started there already nine years and "Sanctuary". Lionel considers the former as a path towards unity insofar as they relate to both Nature and Grace, referring, of course, the element of water but especially the spiritual energies or occult. As for the latter, they symbolize his meeting with the Sacred.

Lionel dream of making these "holy places", theater curtains or opera.

Currently, he tackles a new series, the "Horizons" where he takes us literally in space, demonstrating the fascination with the cosmos.

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