Moya - Second life


600,00 € tax incl.

Artist MOYA Patrick
Technics Sérigraphy
Material Arches Paper
Size 28,34" x 27,55" Inchees

"Second life"

Original screenprint with gouache flange. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Small run of 40 copies.

Each piece is different due to manual intervention.

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Last came, screen printing is derived from the French process although the "stencil": it allows the artist to cover a silk screen forms of choice, the outlines of the shapes will be blocked and therefore the chosen color only go where the pattern exists at the location. Thus, the artist is he not obliged to think his work returned. It is free of color choices, matte ink or gloss paint; it is deposited on the paper and drying is a major operation because it is not pressed into the paper by pressure.

Biography of MOYA Patrick:

Patrick MOYA is a local artist who uses the four letters of his name as a pretext for many of his works: paintings, monumental sculptures, installations, films, photographs, performances ... When not using his name, he puts scene "Moya artist of the School of Nice", a small cartoon character from a cross between the artist and his favorite character, Pinocchio. This little character is the modern version of the self-portrait.

In his workshop in Nice, reigns pandemonium, a scrap of paper as being swept up in the maelstrom of creativity.

The artist Patrick Moya has had a multifaceted work of great wealth: paintings on all media (canvas, wood, fabric, wall, etc.), sculptures, ceramics, digital images, 3D films, performances and installations.

Born in 1955, he belongs to the generation of Figuration Libre (in France) and Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat (the USA).

Close by the spirit of the Situationists (far from all ideologies and all commitments), having tried in some way the "body art", as he was naked model in drawing schools while theorizing in books his position of "creature iN art" ... he always dedicated his life to art.

Inspired as a teenager by the theories of McLuhan and his "global village", he reflected on the many changes in the history of art in new media (especially television, while foreseeing the advent internet): "with the ubiquity of media, such as live television, the creator does not have time to tell the story of art. It must exist to become a creature. "

In parallel, he is reflecting on the name, signature of the artist. Undoubtedly marked by the Catalan name of his father - MOYA - who became his at the age of 15, following the official marriage of his parents, he constantly since then to put his name everywhere and the decline at infinity ...

Living in Nice (south of France and southern Europe), Moya claims to be a "Southern artist", belonging therefore to the Catholic sphere, even if he is not really thinking . Far from abstraction or cold conceptual, Moya is not afraid of color - he loves pure, unmixed - nor especially of the human figure, he seeks to represent without distortion - if n is a humorous caricature style

Claiming "the presence of the artist in the work", he invented some ten years (it was in 1996) a little poetic character close to a caricature of himself, inspired behind Pinocchio, which became his trademark.

Since then, Moya takes us into his world both delighted and slightly perverse, populated with teddy bear and drag queens, sheep or flying elephants and winged devils, not to mention his little "moya" malicious making his jokes amid small clouds in cobalt blue skies: a gay and colorful world that speaks to the child in all of us ... but also sensual and joyful, satisfying our senses and our sense of beauty.

As an antidote to pessimism, he spreads happiness all around him, in a course exhibition - which are often children themselves explaining his works to their parents! - But also in the waiting room of a clinic, a hotel lobby or the forecourt of a hospital ...

Coming after the famous "School of Nice" represented by big names like Klein, Arman, César or Ben, Patrick MOYA - we have nicknamed "the leader of the New School of Nice" - is a work primarily single since his name and his image belong to him!


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