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Camille Hilaire is a painter born in 1916 in Metz and died in 2004 in Normandy.

Camille Hilaire is a painter born in 1916 in Metz, a particular historical context because the city was annexed by Germany at that time. He died in 2004 in Normandy.

Camille Hilaire will follow the formation of the Beaux-Arts of Paris. In the heart of the Occupation he chose to register under a false name, Leblanc, and exhibited his works in the Parisian salons. Albrech Dürer is a major source of inspiration for him, and he will take on the characteristic feature of it, just as he will admire the light emanating from the works of the great Italian painters.

In spite of the dark years that go through his work, Camille Hilaire's paintings will pierce the eye of the spectator with their brilliant colors and lights. Through his travels, the artist will imbibe the beauty that surrounds him from Normandy to Venice. Master of composition, the artist will succeed in breathing both calm and passion into his canvases.

In 1947 he moved to a career as a professor and then taught drawing and decorative composition at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art in Nancy before continuing to that of Paris in 1958. He opened up new techniques And will try his hand at watercolor, lithography, tapestry and stained glass.

His work is on the threshold of figuration and post-cubism. Numerous monographs have been dedicated to him throughout the world and he remains in the history of art as one of the painters who marked half of the twentieth century.

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