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Alain BONNEFOIT is a French painter born in Paris in 1937.

Alain Bonnefoit was born in Paris in 1937

Alain Bonnefoit is today, with more than 200 personal exhibitions around the world, one of the most illustrious representatives of the École de Paris, a world-renowned artist (draftsman, painter, engraver, lithographer, sculptor) For the quality and refinement of his works on his favorite theme: the feminine nude. He is not tired of the full and loose curves that the female body offers him without revealing his secrets and celebrating Woman, Nude, Beauty and Voluptuousness with such talent that he has become the reference for forty years.

In addition to oil painting, Alain Bonnefoit is also a master in "Sumie", a pictorial technique on traditional paper born in Japan. Thereafter, he will devote himself to mixed techniques, playing with the materials.

He shared his career between Paris (Montmartre) and Italy (Florence), where he installed his second studio, but also Japan and Korea.


1961-1962, School of Applied Arts, Paris. He devotes himself to sculpture and is the pupil of VOLTI with which a warm collaboration is established, the beginning of a faithful friendship.

1963 - Alain Bonnefoit discovers Tuscany, a sweet province whose seduction inspires him with landscapes.

1964 - He approaches the feminine nude which will become its form of expression.

1969 - First big personal exhibition in Paris. At the same time, Alain Bonnefoit is passionate about lithography. Since then, he himself carries out all his lithographs, drawing on the stone or zinc plate and assisting with all operations, from the first attempt to the last drawing.

1975 - First trip to Japan that marked him deeply. Alain Bonnefoit discovers and deepens the Japanese technique of the Sumie, of which it can be said today that he has become a master. His successive encounters with very great Japanese artists imbued with Zen thought have matured man and work. Since then, he regularly travels to Japan to improve his mastery of the Sumie.

1991 - The Hôtel de la Monnaie in Paris organizes in its honor a prestigious presentation of 200 works and publishes a medal and a bronze signed A. Bonnefoit.

Alain Bonnefoit has performed over 200 personal exhibitions around the world: France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Réunion, Tahiti, New Caledonia, Korea, Japan, ...

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