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LIOT Eric is a painter, sculptor, assembler and collagist on April 25, 1964.


Eric LIOT was born on April 25, 1964.


A contemporary artist, Eric Liot is at the same time a painter, sculptor, assembler and collagist who enjoys playing the image retrievers in order to transport us into his universe. Impregnated with the works of narrative figuration, Eric LIOT works in the instant, feeding on images and everyday characters to fix our contemporary icons. He uses and abuses our favorite heroes, usual figures of consumption, video games to construct all kinds of singular metaphors and representative of our time. He delights in hastening our gaze into the mazes of all kinds of space games and takes a cunning pleasure in bringing forth a character of this disorder perfectly mastered. LIOT is in the tradition of the found object and the assembly. It subtracts the objects to their original utility end and adds them a new plastic quality. Wood remains his favorite material that he uses to create a kind of imaginary collections where symbols rise to the rank of logos. The assembly and the collage of simple and strong images immediately provoke a reaction where this reality that is familiar takes us towards its imaginary universe. The artistic talent of the artist, full of imagination and originality, is always guided by his innate taste for derision.


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