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Salvador DALI is a painter born March 13, 1902 in Katowice in Silesia. He died February 23, 1975 in Paris.

Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dalí Domènech, known as the Salvador Dali was born May 11, 1904 in Figueres, Spain, where he also created his own museum in 1974, the Theatre Museum Gala Salvador Dali.

His childhood and his studies.

 Dali had a rather turbulent life. He was the son of Felipe Doménech and Salvador Dali Notary Figueras. His father was considered an authoritarian and it was said of him that he had killed his older brother, also named Salvador, born in 1901 and died two years later. The parents were very disturbed to death of it. So their only child was wearing the clothes of his elder brother, was playing with the same toys and was considered his brother's reincarnation, not as an individual in its own right.

 He did his schooling in Figueres, and after receiving his tray easily in 1922, Dali entered the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid. Before that, he had already started his artistic career in publicly presenting his first paintings in an exhibition of local artists Figueras Municipal Theatre. It was during his stay at the residence of the students of his school he became friends with the poet Federico Garcia Lorca and filmmaker Luis Buñuel, with whom he produced numerous art projects. Unfortunately, he was expelled from school for indiscipline in 1925.

 Already influenced by Futurism and Cubism, it will be more by discovering Italian Futurists and thus realizes cubist paintings. It is at this time that Breton has been with Picabia, Max Ernst and Man Ray the first Parisian surrealist group. After returning to school, he showed his interest in cubism. It is seeking its deepest me, but has not yet found. In November 1925, held his first solo exhibition, which takes place at the Dalmau Gallery in Barcelona. Picasso and Miro then begin to take an interest in its work. In April 1926, during his first trip to Brussels and Paris, he visits Picasso who was very impressed by the works presented.

His artistic life.

 Soon after, Dali is permanently excluded from his school and his father was forced to support his artistic needs and thus to continue his studies in Paris. Dali begins to perform military service in February 1927. It is from this time that Dali will perform great works that will make him a great surrealist artist, such as the great masturbator, the specter of sex appeal, Persistence of memory ... Etc. Then he also participates in the Buñuel film scenario, an Andalusian dog. It will also be introduced to the Surrealist group by Miro. Dali fall madly in love with the young Russian Helena Diakonova Gala, the wife of his friend Paul Eluard. Gala Dali during a short stay in Cadaqués, decide never to separate. Thus begins a great history between the two characters, which become inseparable and Gala will become the model, muse and companion of Dali. She will follow him in all his travels through Europe and the United States.

 In 1930, he writes, illustrates and publishes "The woman visible," he dedicated to Gala. Soon after, he exhibited at the Galerie Goemans in Paris, under the sponsorship of Breton, and obtained a great success, He says his reputation with his public. But an event disrupts his life, his father hunting with him because he does not like his relationship with Gala. It will review the in 1948 on his return from New York. In 1931 takes place a new exhibition in Paris, which includes one of his most famous paintings: The Persistence of Memory. This table was very successful, especially in the United States, in Hartford, where he was shown in the first surrealist exhibition. Then begins its success with New Yorkers.

 In 1934, he married Gala in Paris. Dali makes its exhibitions throughout the world, in Paris, New York, London and Barcelona After fleeing the Spanish Civil War in 1936, and have settled in Italy, Dali visits Freud in 1938 in London. The following years, Dali and Gala leave Europe and settle in Virginia. He worked for the cinema, theater, opera and ballet. He produced numerous works during the years 40. It will also create jewelry in collaboration with the Duke of Verdura. But his creations displease Breton and denounces his mind too "merchant". It is then excluded from the Surrealist group. But Dali will then become interested in photography and integrates perfectly with the New York society. He will work in the following years with Walt Disney and illustrate three great works of Shakespeare, including "As You Like It." It will be permanently located in Europe in 1948.

 It will address other topics such as the great themes of Western tradition and religion, and will launch in the art optical said, looking constantly effects and optical illusions and will also focus on science and the story. Dali will continue to focus on other areas, such as advertising, and carry out advertising posters for Perrier and for Lanvin chocolate. In 1972, Dali, in success, announced that he donated his works to the Spanish state. September 28, 1974, Dali museum inaugurates after ten years of efforts.

Dark of Dali until his death.

Despite this worldwide success, personally knew Dali map of sad years. Indeed, he suffered from various disorders. Dali and Gala were recovering slowly from a disease contracted during winter 1981 in New York. In addition, he was terrified of death and felt increasingly isolated, his relationship with Gala deteriorating constantly, although it remained his inspiration. She died in Pubol June 10, 1982 and Dali was very affected. Dali then went to the castle of Pubol, where he withdrew and continued his activity as a painter, he abandoned in 1983. The following year, he suffered several heart attacks and died January 23, 1989 in Torre Galetea Figueras .

One may say of Dali, it was a great surrealist artist, but who lost interest and touch on other areas, such as film, photography, opera ... etc. He had an international career and was considered one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century.


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