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BRAYER Yves is an artist born in 1907 in Versailles. He died in 1990.

Yves Brayer was one of the painters who, between the two world wars, felt the need to focus on the reality around them. They rejected, without ignoring them, the pictorial movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, wanted more followers of Vuillard and Bonnard, as the group of the Poetic Reality, or admirers of Courbet, such movement New Forces. If Brayer was always independent, he counted among his friends Francis Gruber who was originally from the French New Realism of the 1950s, and which Bernard Buffet was going to be the shining example.

Yves Brayer was born in Versailles in 1907, but most of his childhood was spent in Bourges. On his arrival in Paris in 1924, he takes the path of the Montparnasse academies, then of the School of Fine Arts. Very young, he reflects his personality and seniors as Jean-Louis Forain, encourage it. While still a student, he exhibited at the Salon d'Automne and the Salon des Independants. In 1927 a state travel grant allows him to go to Spain where the meeting with the masters of the Prado Museum will have a decisive influence on his future work. After a stay in Morocco thanks to a price established by Marshal Lyautey, he won the Grand Prix de Rome in 1930. First he regrets Spain, then he is carried away by the richness of Italian life thirties .

On his return to Paris in 1934, he gathered his harvest in a major exhibition at the Galerie Charpentier, Faubourg Saint-Honoré, where the audience discovers the authenticity of the twenty-seven years of the painter powerful and original temperament.

Paris remained his home base, and after living in the Panthéon district, he settled in 1935, rue Monsieur le Prince in the sixth arrondissement. At various times, he painted in Paris, even though he is a student in the years 1926 to 1929. Demobilized in Montauban, he moved to Cordes in the Tarn in 1940. A museum is dedicated to him in the most beautiful room of the town hall in 1960. in 1942, he returned to the capital where Jacques Rouche the load to imagine its first models of sets and costumes for a ballet at the Paris Opera. There remains during the occupation and painted the snowy city, then the liberated city.

The year 1945 marks a new stage in his work. In Provence, he realizes that there are other harmonies than those architectures created by man, those of pure and wild nature and is soon fascinated by the diversity of Alpilles and limestone folds, then scopes the populated Camargue white horses and black bulls. It is fixed soon in Provence several months each year.

After his Spanish black period, then Italian ocher and red, it diversifies its range by introducing green, pale yellow and some blue. Strongly attracted by the Mediterranean landscapes, he returned to work in Spain and Italy, but Provence and Camargue remain his favorite places until the end of his life.

He undertook various trips to Mexico, Egypt, Iran, Greece, Russia, the US and Japan. Striding quickly light and rhythms of these countries, it reports in numerous drawings and watercolors.

His taste for graphics leads naturally to practice the technique of copper engraving and lithography; and he made many prints and illustrated limited edition books with texts by Blaise Cendrars, Henry de Montherlant, Baudelaire, Paul Claudel, Jean Giono, Frédéric Mistral, etc ...

Yves Brayer is also the author of wall decorations, tapestry cartoons, models of sets and costumes for the French theater, and opera houses of Paris, Amsterdam, Nice, Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux or Avignon.

His solo exhibitions have made his works familiar in many countries: in Paris first, then in France, Europe and the United States. The National library has 1977 "Yves Brayer, Writer" for his seventieth birthday, and the Postal Museum devotes an exhibition of his work with the release of the stamp which is requested in 1978. Finally MUSEUM YVES BRAYER is inaugurated in September 1991 Les Baux de Provence.

It is present in various museums and in many collections both in France and abroad. He was a professor at the Academy de la Grande Chaumiere for fifty years, President of the Salon d'Automne for five years and, as a member of the Academy of Fine Arts, curator of the Musée Marmottan in Paris for over eleven years .

Yves BRAYER died on 29 May 1990 in Paris.

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