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PIETROPOLI Patrick is a painter born in Paris January 31, 1953.

Born January 31, 1953 in Paris

Exhibits regularly in France and abroad since 1983.

Claudine Legrand exhibits at the gallery since 1997.


"Accomplished designer, P. Pietropoli joined veduttistes with whom he shares this love for architectures that seal the identity of a city. His writing goes in unison with a visual acuity in accordance with the emotion he feels about these stones orders. The spirit and seduction, order and declined eternal delight decorations. Venice dominates this set of oil paints. The look of Pietropoli dissects each facade. The splendor of Baroque décor alongside the newspaper ... "

Excerpt from a text by Marc Hérissé.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

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