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GAVEAU Claude is an artist born in Neuilly sur Seine 5 December 1940.

Claude GAVEAU was born in Neuilly sur Seine 5 December 1940.

He performs his first oil in 1953. In 1955 and for five years, he attended the School of Applied Arts in Paris where he studied mural painting, fresco, the development of tapestry cartoons, painting and art stained glass.

Then he entered the School of Fine Arts in Paris, where for seven years he was a student of Chastel in Souverbie and paint shop until 1959.

In 1965 Gaveau held his first solo exhibition in Brussels then, following many other exhibitions in Paris and several cities of France.

Since 1980, Gaveau exposes, among others, in Paris, New York, Palm Beach, Chicago, Beverly Hills. Exhibitions in Japan, in Tokyo, Osaka and Mito.

Realization of many lithographs in 1973 and Aubusson tapestries, since 2000. From California to Thailand, passing from Morocco to Mexico, Canada to Reunion Island or Japan to Greece, is still Gaveau search lights, colors and new atmospheres.

Passionate about music, yet it is painting that Claude Gaveau has spent the last fifty years of his life. By imagination and talent he creates paintings rich in color, which is reflected in a tinted unreal harmony. He has always lived in France. But it is the US that his talent has made him known. This country has allowed him to understand the painting differently and develop its "colored base." It is also there that he lived closer to the attacks of September 11.

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