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RENARD Emmanuelle is a painter artist born in 1963. Painter, sculptor, engraver.

Emmanuelle Renard was born in 1963.

She lives and works in Paris.

Painter extreme, Emmanuelle Renard puts its voltage painting, exploring the distortion of forms, the body lines which disintegrate while incarnating material, becoming devouring. The line is both cut disjunction while winding in a curve that makes the tentacle possession. Its colors it produces itself with pigments, it gives about him a presence in both physical and very allusive, embodying this in-between by Baroque buildings where the hot juxtaposes the cold, where the hot s' to expose the ice. In this fight on canvas where the line and matter greatly clash, there is no room for indifference.

Emmanuelle Renard started painting very early. She signed her first solo exhibition in 1985 in Vallauris, where she grew up. Since then, she regularly exhibits in Paris (galleries Vidal Saint Phalle, Suzanne Tarasiève ...), Europe and the United States. Inspiration Emmanuelle Renard finds its sources in Paris and Pondicherry, India, where she lives and works.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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