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PAPART collagiste Max is a painter born in 1911 and died in 1994. Painter, sculptor, engraver.

Papart Max, born in Marseille (France) December 19, 1911, and died on 29 August 1994, is a painter, printmaker, illustrator and French collagiste.

His work is marked by a certain sweetness of life, a discreet irony and a sense of plastic beauty.

Max Papart briefly attended the School of Fine Arts of Marseille, preferring to teach himself to paint. Settled in Paris in 1936, he then worked as a craftsman printer. He exhibited at the Salon of Independent and produced his first prints. His first solo exhibition was held in the gallery office in Paris in 1938.

Max Papart participated in the liberation of Marseille. It then describes the Sébire gallery in Marseille in 1946. He illustrates bibliophile books of Jacques Prévert and Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes. It evolves from a post-Cubist language to a term borrowed from abstraction certain plastic reasoning. Lithographer, engraver, painter, he often uses mixed media and collage.

In 1970, he completed his technique of etching etching by providing carborundum according to technique invented in 1968 by his friend Henri Goetz. He teaches printing at the University of Paris VIII at Vincennes 1969-1973.

Towards the end of his life, he designs jewelry from his own paintings, jewelry limited to eight precious or semi-precious stones. Each is made by John Jaques of the canopy. Max Papart died before the end of the production of this collection in 1994.

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