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Alligand Bernard was born in 1953 in Angers (Maine et Loire). He was introduced to graphic art for three years and then to modeling and engraving.

Alligand Bernard was born in 1953 in Angers (Maine et Loire). He was introduced to graphic art for three years and then to modeling and engraving.

After exhibiting in the Pays de Loire and won several awards, he settled on the French Riviera in 1982 and set up his studio in Vence.

There he will meet with the dealers and collectors Jacques Matarasso, Paul Hervieu, Frédéric Gollong who will defend his work. He met Henri Goetz that will help deepen engraving techniques, including the Carborundum. Pierre Wicart New Vision offers him his first exclusive contract.

Based in Paris since 1993, he only leaves his workshop Vence in 1996.

On texts of poets, Jean-Pierre Geay, Tita Reut, Gaston Puel, Michel Butor ... and under the impulse of publishers, he produced numerous books bibliophile from 1995.

James Coignard Pasnic presents the workshop with whom he now works for over twenty years for his prints. He rubs artists including Max Papart, Pierre-Marie Brisson, Hervé Di Rosa, Arthur Luiz Piza-Hans Steffens, James Guitet, Soichi Hasegawa, Serge Hélénon, Tobiasse Andre Cottavoz Gerard Eppelé ...

Since 1981, institutions, galleries and dealers exhibiting his work in France and abroad.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives it an artists' residence in Finland (1994), Egypt (1998, 1999, 2000, 2006), Morocco (2001, 2002), Iceland (2007), UAE (2007, 2008), Jordan ( 2009), Laos (2012). During these stays, he represented France at the International Biennial "Imagining the Book" at the Library of Alexandria, the International Art Festival in Amman, the French Spring in the National Library in Reykjavik and exhibits in several French cultural centers .

He exhibited in many institutional sites: Castle of Aubenas (1993, 2001, 2005, 2011), Carmel Tarbes (2003), Chapel of the Thonon-les-Bains Visitation (2004), Temple of Chaurey (2008), media Toussaint Angers (2009, 2012), Grand Théâtre d'Angers (2012) ... in galleries and libraries: Matarasso (Nice), Lacan (Strasbourg), Arcades, Arenthon, Nicaise, Demange, (Paris), Dazy (Dijon ) Ducastel (Avignon), Raugraff (Nancy), Vasse (Lille), ...

It develops its relations with the corporate world, working for Compaq, Xerox, Socotec, Onyx, Groupe Tests, Caisse d'Epargne, Unicef, ...

Of his many trips to Europe, Japan, Korea, Egypt, Morocco, Iceland, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, he brought material and inspirational themes.

His work examines the role and properties of matter. The light flashed or reflected, color exults, abstraction touches figuration. Careful work with customs and cultures. In this, his artistic approach is modern and specific, written in a "lyrical Abstract matiériste" phrase with an ethnological dimension.

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