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Claude HASTAIRE is a painter born in 194 at Paris. Painter, sculptor and engraver, lithographer, poet and photographer.

Hastaire was born in Paris in 1946.

Painter, essayist, poet and photographer, he has hundreds of solo and group exhibitions in different spaces (galleries, museums, contemporary art centers) in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan or Korea: Palais de Tokyo, FEMIS (Paris ) Museum Goya (Castres), Rimbaud Museum / the Ardennes Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art of Dunkerque, Paris, Seoul, France / Japan Gallery (Oslo), the Pier (Montceau) (Meyer Gallery Bihan Paris, 2004, 2006, 2009) transgressions Renoma (Paris, 2006), Shanghai (French Pavilion, retrospective 2010) His work is present or has been made in most .d'art international fairs: Saga-FIAC FIAC (Paris ), Art Paris Art junction (Nice), Linéart (Ghent, Belgium), St'art (Strasbourg), Artuel (Beirut), Istanbul Art fair, Stockholm Art fair ...

Whose real name Claude Hilaire (he is the son of the painter Camille Hilaire 1916-2004) adopts the pseudonym "Hastaire" at the age of 16. After distracted studies in Oratorians of Juilly, he attended a while the School of Applied Arts. Received in the very first entry in competition at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris, he soon abandoned, ahead of Appeal and then embarked assigned as bartender on the helicopter carrier Jeanne d'Arc.

After traveling around the world, he resumed his studies at the ENSBA.

Discouraged by the somewhat archaic teaching that provides school and "disturbed" by the events of 68, he gave up once again to extend the experience.

He saw modest orders, sales of rare and is hired to "Combat" newspaper in which he illustrated the literary pages. Soon after it will "director Stone" where its speed will greatly him a living. Lithographer for others, he will have worked for many artists - some prestigious.

In the late 70s he moved to New York (1976), and decides to stop the lithographer business. He chooses not to indulge painting. Hastaire exposes a lot, but without much success other than that of the Critique which is very laudatory (René Micha, Pierre Mazars, Jean-Louis Ferrier ...)

The success await the mid 80s to bring some respite to the artist.

Hostile to the posts, honors the painter refuse to be appointed professor, or accept, in his words "any non-charm with a check."

Inspired by early Fautrier- long he talks a friendly relationship with the wife of this below, Hastaire is in search of "informal" material more widely abstraction. But Francis Bacon at the Grand Palais exhibition in Paris (1972) will have a decisive influence on the painter (he met twice the great English artist).

This new report, violent, the "figure" made him understand that the impasse is for him abstraction. Graham Sutherland was one of the first painters to be urged in a group exhibition at Menton. In that moment he knew his way, and gradually will emerge from the influence of these two great painters. In this he confessed many influences- Preferences- and that is not easily discerned in his work: Uccello, Titian, Velasquez, Goya, Manet, Picasso, Chagall, Dufy, Tapies, Rebeyrolle, Bacon, Matta, Sutherland, Motherwell, Rauschenberg ...

Winner of the eighteenth Internationnal Price Monte Carlo in 1994, Hastaire conducted hundreds of lithographs, exhibitions of his photographs have been organized in different galleries (The Atlantic oblivion, Vietnam regained ...), he also imagined furniture: Arromanches, selected by the New York Times with Puci Rossi and Eleen Grey (1987). More recently, among others, Picabia toads have met with great success.

He co-founded with his friend the painter Alain Kleinmann Group Internationnal memoirs, recognized as the last "Group" important twentieth century * (1999-2004), composed of artists Martin Vaughn-James, Yuri Kuper, Boris Zaborov - Lydia Arikx, the Belgian artist Didier Mahieu and American Mary Curtis Ratcliff joining the Group at certain exhibitions

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