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Henri GUIBAL is a painter born in 1947 in Aix-en-Provence. Painter, sculptor and engraver.

Born October 30, 1947 in Aix-en-Provence.

1965/1968 Studies at the School of Fine Arts of Aix, Vincent Bioulès workshop.

1983-2010 teaches painting at the top of Clermont Métropole art school.

Lives and works in Landes, in the Gard.

"Actually my approach is rooted in a world of smells, invisible songs, those of birds, wind, sea, women's murmurs.

It is suspended in an intimate landscape as one that is in front of my house this multitude of discrete fragments that tell me so many things ... so many secret things, unexpected, silent. Often the characters spend there, marvel, wonder, listen.

I do not represent. I let go that foster world walk in my blood, this assembly of flashes that make up my life, and that will come in turn articulate this strange and complex area which is the canvas or paper.

I never thought that painting was the representation of some reality. My Masters have always blown me in the palm of my hands. So I am working to slow this painting, repeating gestures long dates, alone, already constitute the brilliance of my canvas, this well enough sparkle yet but will sense and discretion, when the paint soon forget habits when it has filtered and digested heavy and unnecessary questions.

Painting without fixed ideas.

Being receptive to surprise. I never added. Painting is a subtraction story ... remove is not removed. "Put just enough", this is my stress, I who painted transparency, layer upon layer so that surprises are my astonishment and pleasure.

My paintings are "notes" as so aptly Pablo, notes that query and excite unique moments. "


Recent solo exhibitions:


Gallery 17, Clermont Ferrand

Gallery dell'arte, The Haag

Salle Jean Helion, Issoire

The Priory, Le Bourget du Lac

Kunstgalleri, Motala

Cupillard Gallery, Grenoble

House of Culture, Metz

Gallery dyers, Avignon

Gallery Raiffeisenbank Neumarkt

Galerie St Jean, Chalon sur Saône

Kin Gallery, Götteborg

Recent group exhibitions and fairs:

1998 Biennale burning Amodora, Portugal

SAGA. Editions Jacques Boulan, Paris

M.A.C. 2000, Paris

1999 S.A.G.A. Editions Jacques Boulan, Paris

"Recidiva" room Jean Helion, Issoire

M.A.C. 2000, Paris

Gallery Lefor-Openo, Paris

2000 Gallery Riptide, Door D

2001 M.A.C. 2000 Betting

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Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items

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