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François-Xavier FAGNIEZ is a painter born in 1936 in Saliez de Bearn in the Pyrenees Basses. He is interested in stained glass and mosaics.


Birth of François-Xavier Fagniez in Salies-de-Béarn in the Pyrénées Basses - France


Carpenter workshop. Received the Beaux-Arts in Paris and at the School of Arts and Crafts.

Visit the Pierre Loeb gallery and discovered painting of Vieira da Silva.


Staying at the sanatorium of the Students of France; handles the workshop of Fine Arts; Xavier Longobardi meeting, Gérard Collot and Father Regamay.

Is interested in a time stained glass and mosaic.


Convalescence in Urt: early paintings and drawings on the theme of the Adour.

Between the Métiers d'Art in Paris.

Meet Jean-Marie Loth who introduced him to Lapoujade.

Met Pierre Loeb.

View Bazaine to Maegt gallery.

Exhibits at the Philadelphia gallery.


Contract with Jacques Massol gallery where he joined Dimitrienko.


Leaves Paris for a garden in Ile-de-France.


Around Jacques Villon, participates in the 4th Biennial Goms.

Between the Domec Pierre Gallery in Paris.

Meet Jean Paulham and became friends with Philippe Franchini.


Produced several mosaics: Miami, Hawaii and France. Stays in Provence.


Works mainly on the themes of his garden.

Exhibited for the first time in Morning pink cherry "Autumn Salon" at the Grand Palais in Paris.


Travel in the Southeast Asia. Exhibits at the gallery Continental in Saigon (South Vietnam).

Regularly participates in exhibitions: "Salon d'Automne", "Great and Young Today", "new realities" in Paris.

First Contemporary Art Biennale of Brest.


First trip to Portugal. Visit the Prado.

Is invited to the US by several collectors. View Bonnard Philips Collection.

Realizes a mosaic in Saint-Ouen-l'Aumône.


Between the gallery Bellechasse in Paris: first exhibition with a foreword by G. Gassiot-Talabots.


Founded with Kamy and Nelly Masrour Chadirat, the gallery "International Bellechasse" Beaubourg area that will represent until the 2000s in Paris.

Trip to Spain in search of Greco.


Biennale award Brest.

The Luxembourg Museum acquires two of his works.

Exhibited in Paris.

Publication of his first monograph by Jean-Marie Dunoyer prefaced by Patrick Waldberg.

First trip to Corsica, Sardinia and Tuscany.


Becomes aware of the need to broaden its audience. The F.I.A.C. is a new way he experiences this year in a solo exhibition on the theme "Cities".

Met Pierre-Jean Meurisse with which it will develop for the coming years a large complicity between artist and dealer. First exhibition in his gallery in Toulouse street Taur.1981

Bruck gallery organized his first exhibition in Luxembourg.

Participates again F.I.A.C. the Grand Palais in Paris.


Nedellec Claire, who runs the Cultural Centre Thibaud de Champagne in Troyes, organizes a retrospective and catalog foreword.


The great theater of Esch-sur-Alzette in Luxembourg, benefits from its wide space to show a retrospective of major formats Fagniez.


Working on the theme of "Island" Corsica ... Jersey, this theme shows the Bellint gallery in Paris.

Exhibits at the F.I.A.C.


Exhibits on the theme "Transparency" on F.I.A.C. 85 with publication of a book by Jean-Marie Le Sidaner Editions Distinction in the collection "The Other Museum".


From the gallery Sluis Leidschendam (Netherlands) organize, with the sculptor D. Mohr, an exhibition of Fagniez noticed the F.I.A.C. 85.


In Thonon-les-Bains, Galise Petersen, who noticed Fagniez in Luxembourg present in his gallery an exhibition of works on canvas of recent years.


Travel with Pierre-Jean Meurisse Spain, Sweden and the United States.


Expose in Castello (Spain) at the Canem Gallery, works on canvas; Barcelona (Spain) at the Sala Gaspar, where are presented over sixty works with a common catalog with P. J. Meurisse gallery in Toulouse.


Working mostly on plain paper with tears collages and pigmentation tempera.


Exhibits at the SAGA in the Grand Palais in Paris: to EVTA of stained glass artist and a set of engravings in Pasnic workshop with Jacques Boulan Editor.


Expose in Lyon, the pier, in collaboration with the Lyon Opera and violinist Anne Gastinèle.

Present at Toulouse-Blagnac, at the Cultural Center of Aerospace, during a retrospective, a publication of a book published by Art Poche "The path of Francis Xavier Fagniez by Kenneth White."


Is interested in geopoetic, and in collaboration with Kenneth White, organizes several exhibitions around this reflection.


Exhibited in Paris, the Bellint gallery recent works and in group with Mr. Humair, J. Jordà, Porter and M. C. White.

Exhibited in Paris at the SAGA with Boulan editions.


Expose in Toulouse at the P. J. Meurisse gallery.

Exhibition "Around the notebooks geopoetic" in Paris at the gallery Bellint.

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