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José DE GUIMARAES was born in 1939 in Portugal in the city of Guimaraes.

Born in Portugal in 1939, in Guimarães he adopt the name as an artist, José Guimarães, who spent seven years in Angola is interested in ethnography and African art. It works on the idea of ​​a synthesis and possible osmosis between the African and European cultures. His work, first discovered in Belgium in the sixties, is exposed successively in most European countries.

From 1989 he exhibited regularly in Japan, where he made many important public projects, including in Tokyo, Kuchiro, Tsumari and Naoshima. In 1993, he made several trips to Mexico and incorporates in his work his research on pre-Columbian art.

Since 1995 he divides his time between Lisbon and Paris, while many exhibitions devoted to it in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Japan and Brazil. From 1998 he was also interested in ancient Chinese culture and exhibited in Hong Kong, Macao and Beijing. The transcultural nomadism

(Pierre Restany)

Assume the transcultural nomadism, José de Guimarães, it means being present in every corner of the planet to explore there different terroirs of communication and identify the signs "aboriginal" a basic symbology, which, translated into morpheme, will feed the image work force, and make "talking." This is what the artist expresses in a light formula: "Listen to the images."

The purpose of the anthropological approach is as much linguistic qu'existentielle. From the magical repertoire of ancestral civilizations, morpheme Guimarães hear daily express authenticity and impact force of a message that is immediately beyond pure narrative or mere decoration.

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