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Pierre Fernandez Arman was a French contemporary painter and sculptor born in 1928 in Nice.

Arman becomes with Yves Klein, one of the founding members of the New Realist group. Creator of accumulation, the inclusion of objects.

Arman was born in Nice November 17, 1928 Antoine Fernandez, French of Spanish origin, and Martha Jacquet, Arman will be recognized by his father at the age of five.

He graduated and decided in 1946 to enroll in the School of Decorative Arts in Nice, he left in 1949.

His father enrolled at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris. Between 1949 and late 1950, he obtained two certificates of Art History, specializing in the study of China Haute Epoque.

Having met Yves Klein in judo from Nice to police academy in 1947, Arman joined him in Madrid in 1950. With the poet Claude Pascal, they establish a friendship around the Zen Buddhism, astrology, martial arts and art. He did his military service as a nurse during the war in Indochina, and wife Eliane Radigue, he has three children.

The art scene of the 50s in France is dominated by abstraction, and the first works of Arman register at the time in this movement. At the same time, he worked in his father's furniture store, rue Paul Deroulede Nice.

Discovering in 1954 the works of Kurt Schwitters and Jackson Pollock, Arman executes its first stamps, rubber stamp impressions.

He made his first solo presentation at the Galerie du Haut Pavé in Paris in 1956. Then come the air of objects that exposes at Iris Clert in 1958, traces of inked objects and projected on a hard surface. By performing one of these paces, he breaks the object and creates anger objects. Following a misprint Arman decided to eliminate the "d" from its name. It will end the fingerprint work by sealing rubber stamps in a box, which marks the beginning of his accumulations (1959), which will later be named Waste accumulations of trash.

In 1960, responding to items from Yves Klein, he filled the gallery of Iris Clert to expose the Plein.

"I affirm that the expression of trash, objects, has its value in itself, directly, without desire for aesthetic arrangement obliterating them and making them like the colors of a palette; Furthermore, I introduce the direction of the overall gesture without remission or remorse "(Zero, Volume 3, Dynamo, 1961).

The principle of accumulation is applied to the most diverse objects: tablets tubes gas masks, crucifixes dollar bills.

The signing of the Manifesto of New Realism October 27, 1960 at Yves Klein formalizes the participation of Arman to this movement initiated by the critic Pierre Restany.

In the following years, Arman systematized anger, and conducts cutting objects (1961) and combustions (1964). These acts of destruction and accumulation find their extension in the exploration of various materials such as concrete, synthetic resin and bronze.

Since 1963, Arman lives between New York and Vence, and enjoys since 1972 of dual nationality, French and American.

Thus, in New York in 1964, he organized a big happening with the complicity of many artists: the Lottery Locker of the Artist's Key Club, a key selling instructions from the central station, in which are placed insignificant objects or small works. In the same vein, twenty-one years later, Arman rise in the course of the Gare St Lazare, Paris, two columns of All Time, accumulation of clocks, and office life, accumulation of suitcases brought by Travellers.

The closing of the New Realism festival takes place in Milan in late November 1970. Arman y distributes bags of waste labeled "garbage Arman". The same year, a performance entitled Slicing or America halved in favor of the Defense Fund of the Black Panthers, demonstrating its commitment against racial discrimination.

In 1975 the John Gibson Gallery in New York, held the performance Conscious vandalism during which Arman completely destroyed a bourgeois interior.

The furniture will be a pretext for a new dramatic work of destruction, charred and covered with bronze in The Day after (1984).

In the late 90s, it modifies the principle of the section on mathematical logic, performing fragmentation, the object being divided into two, four, eight, sixteen ... parts.

And Arman participated in numerous exhibitions both personal and collective, and among the most recent, there are Arman at the National Gallery Jeu de Paume in Paris in 1998, and Acting out the MAMAC in Nice in 2001.

Arman died in New York on 22 October 2005.

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