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ANTONIUCCI Pierre is a French contemporary painter born in 1943 in Paris.
His painting oscillates between figuration and abstraction.

Pierre Antoniucci is a contemporary French painter, born in 1943 in Paris.

Between figuration and abstraction, Antoniucci questions the contemporary painting, its tradition, its purpose, its support ... His lumpy paint, matt, with heavy paste, among the "materialist". His favorite subjects: women, the representation of the workshop.

Antoniucci also draftsman, engraver and sculptor.

The founding process of the work of Pierre Antoniucci be sought in its "circular Workshops": The table is constructed from a hollowed center leading figures at the edges of the frame so that the composition is similar to the launch of a billiard ball; each pattern bounces off the edges and a centrifugal chain stands the space of the painting by its perimeter.

Pierre Antoniucci made us into proximity, in the beauty of the ordinary things that have lost their function, which no longer in use, but which have become beautiful "in themselves" with time. The objects of his paintings are reminders to life, like you can see on the frescoes of Pompeii, or what the Japanese painters of the eighteenth century called "quiet objects." Bernard Lamarche-Vadel had early shown how, in the work of Pierre Antoniucci a European plastic vision, based on the history of art, perhaps testing of modernity.

They can be found in the works of Antoniucci the pictorial genres "traditional": portraits, still lifes, landscapes, scenes figures ... we especially find them through the themes in series such as: horse drawn bitumen, circular workshop, Machinales the vortex ... the original composition, ink barely visible, allows to locate the main objects, position images and materials that may be pasted on the canvas. The paint will then cover everything and give lightness to the whole, show clarity funds, vibrating space, enhance color intensity objects.

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